ZetaClear Review

Is it Better to Wear Closed Shoes or Not?


Most of the people who work in today’s world have a very strict dress code to follow. From formal suits to crisp shirts and from matching socks to polished shoes, these professionals have to work long hours every day to earn their bread and butter. They have to keep those cramped shoes on till late in the evening when they go back home. What they don’t know is that for as long as they have those shoes on they are at a constant risk of developing toe nail fungus which is a leading medical problem for over 35 million people in the world.

Is it related to Shoes?

Toe nail fungus is caused mainly due to over wearing of closed shoes and socks. When one wears such cramped shoes they sweat profusely and this offers excellent breeding ground for the fungus. The fungus attacks the toe nail directly and causes not only discoloration but inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail, painful toes as well as thickening and breaking of the nails at the base. This fungus is one of the most long staying funguses of the feet. It can take up to 4 months to completely recover after contracting toe nail fungus.

So the Solution is…?

There are many medicines available in the Australian market to combat toe nail fungus but the most natural out of them is ZetaClear. ZetaClear is a solution of different natural oils taken from around the world.

These oils combined together not only heal the toes but also ensure that the fungus does not come back any time soon. It kills the fungus and promotes healthy growth of the nails and the cuticle. With the use of ZetaClear patients started seeing a difference in their condition within 3 to 4 weeks and were encouraged to continue its usage. ZetaClear is the most famous as well as the most effective medicine to combat toe nail fungus in Australia.

It is advised that people who work long hours every day should avoid cramped or tight shoes. They should look for shoes that let their feet breathe so that they do not perspire. Even wearing tight socks is not advised, instead socks that are of a light and stretchable material are better for the health of their feet.

Though it is hard for young professionals to change their dress codes, it is highly advised that they give their feet some space to breathe or else they might contract toe nail fungus.